Kepatuhan Terhadap Nilai-Nilai Syariah Islam pada Kredit Properti Syariah

The values of sharia has always been a benchmark of any activity of the Muslims in the context of worship to God. In a country that is predominantly Muslim background like Indonesia the values have significant relevance in the field of marketing both goods and services. No exception in property sharia. Behind the growth of sharia property relatively increased lately in fact on the side of the developer no guarantee to the customer whether the transaction was in accordance with sharia. Compliance with the regulations so that developers sharia in conducting transactions with customers has an important position so that customers are not disadvantaged. On the other hand understanding of the customer will deal sharia compliance is also needed so as not to get stuck on a false transaction. This study aims to determine and identify adherence to Islamic law in the practice of property loans transaction carried out by property developers sharia. The processed data is the primary data and secondary data. Data collection methods used were interviews, documentation and observation. From the research results can be known and identified their deviations that are important enough to be categorized as a violation of sharia. That deviations motivated by a variety of motives either intentional or not. It concluded that the correct understanding and implementation of the values of sharia by property developers sharia become a key factor that guarantees home ownership transactions conducted by customers own sharia-compliant and protected from the false.


Kategori : Riset dan Analisa FE UNISMA
Penulis : Aleria Irma H
Redaksi  : Alfian Budi P

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