Dampak Asean China Free Trade Area (ACFTA) Terhadap Kinerja UMKM Batik

ASEAN China Free Trade Area (ACFTA) has been taking place since January 1st 2010, however there is still limited research about its impact on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) performance in East Java. The research aims at filling the gap by analyzing the impacts of ACFTA on MSMEs performance at three sentral area of batik producer in East Java i.e. Pamekasan, Sidoarjo, and Malang. Data were collected through survey of 60 MSMEs from that sentral producer area. Paired sample t-test was used to analyze the impact of ACFTA on level of sales and profit as the incators of MSMEs performance. The research found that batik producers understand the implication of ACFTA, however most of them (68 percent) experienced decreasing sales of 20 percent in average. On the contrary, 32 percent of MSMEs experience increasing sales by only 13 percent. As the results, profit decrease by 20 percent in averageand profit increase by only 10 percent. In short, performance of MSMEs was significantly decreased after implementation of ACFTA. It was mainly because batik from China was mechanically produced by low cost. Nevertheles, there is a positive indication that local batik producers would have comparative advantage in the near future through product innovation by producing batik with unique design so that difficult to be imitated.


Kategori : Riset dan Analisa FE UNISMA
Penulis : Nurhajati
Redaksi  : Alfian Budi P

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